What Readers Are Saying ....

I know from experience that phonics works...but you need to hear it from other people, not just me.

So here are a handful of emails I have received... 

...some are from complete strangers who have read this website. They have generously contacted me to express their delight in the phonics process

...others are from parents of children I have taught.  

Here are Just a Few of Them ...

"I can't tell you how grateful I am for your website!!!!!! Thank you for writing it.

You have no idea how desperately I have searched for resources to help my daughter and finding yours has made a HUGE difference in my work with my daughter.

Thank you again for all that you do. We daily work on the blends that you have on your website and it has made a huge difference! Please know your work is so valued!! "

Holly Blackman (Xian)

Click here for Information on Phonics Blends
Or for Consonant Blends

"After many (I mean many) hard days and nights and with many prayers I stumbled on your site.

I am reading page after page and it is exactly what my son is struggling with. From reading about your clients and their stories I know my son can go above and beyond what he needs to learn for reading. I now know how to present it to him and games that we can play.

For me to stumble on your site tonight after so many ups and downs was a gift from God. Thank you for sharing with everyone how to successfully teach children the most important thing in life, reading."


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"I just wanted to say how useful your website is! I teach children with dyslexia and have just started teaching a couple of adults. I am very excited to be working with adults and improving their literacy. Your site has lots of useful tips. Thanks!"

Hilary Burt (UK)

"I am so excited about this website because I didn't know how to teach phonics to adults. It is difficult to teach it systematically. This website is founded by a very experienced phonics teacher and this is very valuable to me. You have helped me a lot."

           Jonathan Zhang (US)

Click here for information on Phonics For Adults
Plus Top Tips on Teaching Phonics To Adults

"Thanks a ton for this wonderful blog. It really is a goldmine and a gateway to literacy. May the Lord bless you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge."

B.L.  (India)

"Let me thank you for the excellent information on this website. I am an ESL teacher in a Venezuelan high school and I have been using your Basic Phonics Rules and they have given me a wonderful result in the process of learning English as a second language.

My students speak Spanish as their mother tongue so they pronounce English the same way they read them.

I started trying to find a strategy to help me and found your Basic Phonics Rules.  Since then I have been using them in my English classes and it is amazing. Now my students have better English pronunciation.

Thanks again. People like you make the world of teaching BETTER."

William Betancourt (Venezuela)

Click here for information on Basic Phonics Rules

"After 9 weeks of you teaching my daughter using the phonics method I requested that the school re-test her reading ability. The principal of the school undertook to do this and commented that he was "dumbfounded" at the progress she had made since last being tested."

Susan S (Australia)

"We were initially referred to you by a former school principal to attend our daughter's difficulties in reading. Our daughter was anxious and had completely turned off learning to read.

We have been delighted in the significant improvement in her ability to read (using the phonics method) as well as how to comprehend. You have been instrumental in elevating our daughter's confidence levels and achieving excellent results at school."

Tom V

"We brought our son for tuition when we became concerned that his progress with reading was slow.

You identified precisely what his problems were during your first hour with him. During your subsequent time with him you structured a program to specifically target his needs, keeping in mind his interests and preferred style of learning in order to keep him motivated.

We noticed an improvement in our son's reading almost immediately. He looked forward to his lessons and his confidence in his abilities overall at school increased.

He thrived with phonics help.

We have subsequently recommended you to the parents of three friends of our son's. Without exception, they have been totally impressed and their children have benefited tremendously."

Natasha B

"Words cannot express our thanks and gratitude for all you have done with our daughter. Through teaching her to read using phonics you have sparked a love of learning that she did not have before. "

Michele and Steve

"I am sitting at my desk in tears as I read your success stories. Ben is my daughter Jamie."

G.D. (US)

If you would like to read about Ben go to Homepage

"Thank you for everything. Your progress with our son has been amazing." 


"My son's reading ability was very much below those of his peers. I must admit I was losing sleep over it.

He was too nervous to say anything in the classroom.  He has a very poor memory which makes learning new things extremely difficult for him and it makes him lose interest quickly. Once he switches off he falls even more behind at school.

By you putting my son at ease and introducing him to phonics along with visual and physical ways to help him remember, he can now decode words. He always found this really tricky so I am so relieved that now it is sinking in. 

Your skillful planning and designing lessons around my son has meant he is no longer reading at a standard way below  his peers.

Many, many thanks. We are so much happier as a family!"

Philippa J

For more information on making learning fun go to
Top Tips for Playing Phonics Games

“I came across your website and am so impressed by the way you describe children and phonics problems. I feel for the first time someone has answered my 9 year old’s reading problem."

H. F. (Zimbabwe)

“Thank you for giving our daughter the most amazing gift of reading.  You will always be remembered.”

Vanessa S

“Thank you for your website.  I just started reading it and it’s a great help clarifying and simplifying. A fantastic resource!”

E. S. (Germany)

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