About This Website

Welcome to the Phonics Literacy website.

 My name is Miranda Love.

 I teach literacy to learners at both ends of the spectrum, from young children through to adults.

I became passionate about creating this website after working with struggling adults learners.  Many told me they couldn’t spell their children’s names, write a shopping list or fill in a form!

 Their literacy skills were so low they couldn‘t function in everyday life. Sadly, they discovered that if they couldn’t learn to read, they couldn’t learn anything else.

 So what was their problem? They’d never learned to read (decode words) or spell words (encode words) using phonics.  Some of my adult students struggled for up to half a century without help.

I am determined to see children get the correct help before their self-esteem plummets and their desire to learn is crushed. They can’t be allowed to go through what I have seen in my adult learners.

 I also want adults to realise that it’s never too late to start again. They can make enormous progress at any age if taught phonics in a systematic way.

On this literacy website, I offer first hand advice, encouragement and tips based on years of teaching experience. Here you’ll learn in easy to understand language about ....

  •         What phonics is
  •        Why it works
  •          How to teach it in clear systematic stages   
  •         Why the sequence is important
  •         How to make phonics alive and fun for children
  •         How to help reluctant learners          
  •         How to work with adults with low literacy skills
  •         What phonics terms mean
  •       Case studies            

If you need more help, please feel free to contact me by clicking the link below.  

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